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Why to speak at our 14th Annual Conference?

The 14th Annual Conference of the EAITSM Inc. is planned to be held on Oct. 3rd this year. It will be a virtual online conference, where speakers and attendees meet and network online. Our conference is the regional leading virtual gathering of its kind on IT Service Management.
Our conference features experienced professionals presenting on various topics of interest to the IT Service Management community, from the region and globally. We still have available slots in our program for more speaking opportunities. Speakers in our conference gain the following benefits:
  • Your registration is for free
  • You will be featured and highlighted in the conference agenda, with an abstract of your topic. This information will remain online on our website forever
  • The session talk will be live streamed on our channel on YouTube, and a video recording of some presentations will be made available publicly afterwards, all video recordings are included in the Annual Conference Proceedings CD.
  • You contribute to the development of the profession, and get more connections with colleagues in the field
  • You develop professionally, and gain feedback from audience that add to your insight
Having a topic to present? Send to us now. Find details at the conference page at our website.
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